Types of Braces and Devices

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

SmartClip ™ SL3 Self-Ligating Appliance System
Incognito ™ hidden Braces
Forsus™ Fatigue Resistant Device

Incognito ™ Braces

What are Incognito™ Braces?
Graduation day, a new job, your wedding day, trying to find that special someone – why do you want a more confident smile? You know a great smile can make a difference, not only personally, but professionally too. If you're ready to smile with confidence then Incognito™ Hidden Braces are for you.

Watch how they work.

    They are –
  • Braces hidden behind your teeth
  • 100 percent customized for you
  • Comfortable
  • Effective in fixing any smile
  • Throughout treatment, people will see you, not a mouth full of plastic or metal.

Forsus™ Fatigue Resistant Device

Easy Alternative to Headgear.
More than providing an attractive smile, orthodontic treatment also corrects the alignment of the upper teeth to the lower teeth for a more integrated bite. This is called Class II Correction. Historically, Class II Correction often required wearing headgear and facebows for several hours daily despite the potential for embarrassment and discomfort. Other early products functioned completely inside the mouth but required multiple appointments for installation, or could become ineffective in a short amount of time. The Forsus Appliance may be placed in a single appointment. Its components are a telescoping spring on a small metal extension to provide light, continuous pressure on the teeth.

  • Installed in one appointment
  • No daily adjustments to make
  • Provides light continuous forces
  • Comfortable
  • Spring does not bow into cheek
  • Allows full range of mouth movement
  • No external apparatus required
  • Hygienic
  • Open coil spring is easily brushed clean
  • No empty spaces to trap food
  • No discoloration
  • Effective
  • Functions continuously
  • Works with your existing braces and wires
  • Stable long-term results

Acceledent ™ Accelerated Orthodontic Device

AcceleDent, Leader in Accelerated Orthodontics ®
What is AcceleDent® ?
Developed by OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc., Leader in Accelerated Orthodontics®, AcceleDent is a simple-to-use, hands-free device designed for faster orthodontic treatment with only 20 minutes daily use.
It’s Fast.
Clinically proven to move teeth up to 50% faster in a U.S. clinical trial.1
It’s Safe.
Cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and available only by prescription from your orthodontist.1

It’s Gentle.
AcceleDent patients have reported reduced discomfort with their orthodontics.

AcceleDent® Aura Components:

The heart of AcceleDent Aura, the small, lightweight Activator generates gentle micropulses to accelerate bone remodeling. It includes a USB interface, which can be plugged directly into a computer to view patient usage history via the FastTrac Report.


Provides a comfortable fit and snaps easily on and off the Activator for transport and cleaning. <